Swing n Country 2018 Election
Candidate Biographies & Platform Statements

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Ingrid Dubman

My name is Ingrid Dubman and I am a founding member of Swing 'n' Country and a club Life Member. I have served as Treasurer and Board Member for several years. I am currently serving as Education Director, and I am on the Decorations Committee, Special Events and on the Dance Camp Chicago Committee.

My goal is for the club to grow, to provide dancers the opportunity to learn and dance to a variety of dances through our dance programs, to have them enjoy good music at our dances and have fun dancing.

 Donna Gargiulo

I am running for the office of Secretary 2018-2019 for Swing n Country, which I have been a member of for 4 years.

I've been dancing since I was a teenager and have interests in various different dance styles, but my passion is country and swing couples dancing.   I attend almost every dance, dance lessons and attended Dance Camp every year that I have been a member.  Appreciative of the positive experiences this dance club has given me, I would like to give that back to the members.  Even though I have not been a long-standing member of this dance community, I feel I can offer new ideas, be an advocate for the members and committed to accountability and transparency.

I am currently retired, but previously served as a business professional with a science/research background. I worked in Cancer Research in the laboratory and Multiple Sclerosis Research which I developed experimental procedures and co-authored manuscripts for publication. I left my research career to pursue a different career where I designed and administered the business aspect of two Periodontal practices. I served as the front-line business representative ensuring efficiency and seamless functionality while engendering a positive and productive environment.  Facilitated excellence in patient relations and providing availability to address their concerns.

I have volunteered in my community for various organizations such as raising funds for Park Lawn, a non-for-profit organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Cub Scouts of America as a leader, fundraiser and program director and as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society.  

Gary LaForte

I am a current Swing 'n' Country Board Member. I am also running for re-election as Treasurer and I am asking for your vote.  

I have been a member of Swing' n' Country for 12 years, a Board Member for 7 years and the Treasurer for the last 4 years. I have been a country dancer since 1989 and was drawn to Swing 'n' Country by the variety of music and the balance of dance rotation. I, like most of the members, enjoy dancing to many dance genres during the evening. I have my favorites but I like to dance them all. Not everyone has the same favorites and that is why we enjoy a balanced rotation.

Our club faces a lot of challenges in the next 2 years. Since 8 of the 11 board positions are up for election this year, the results of this election will determine the direction of the board for the next 2 years. 

I believe the direction of the club should be determined by the members. The decisions affecting the direction should be made after giving the membership good information with definite options and then asking for their preference. I feel the club can survive and prosper without radically changing its format from the original founding principles and direction. There are some changes that will have to be made to allow the club to continue to be successful. I feel the board can work with the membership by giving the members informed options to determine what direction the members want Swing N' Country needs to pursue.

Thanks and I am asking for you vote to make Swing 'n' Country the dance club where you want to dance.

Karen Saunders

My name is Karen Saunders and I am a Swing'N'Country Board Member and a founding member. Have served as Registration Chair person, assisting with sales and marketing and various other positions where needed. I have also served on various boards, some are as follows: President Pro Tem for the Positive Christian Singles.; Social Director for the Chicago Dance Club (also a Charter Member); and currently as Hospitality Chair for Swing'N'Country.

At one time I belonged to four local dance clubs: Chicago Windy City, South Side Jitterbug Club, The Chicago Rebels, and Swing'N'Country as I believe in supporting the dance community.

A successful career in Relational Sales and as Administrative Assistant for a large corporation has taught me many life lessons.  Among them: working independently and as a team member; individualized customer service; meeting goals in a timely fashion; and prioritizing projects.

Dancing has always been my passion and a source of immense pleasure and has given me the opportunity to make many friends. Consequently, I would like to continue to contribute to the Chicago Dance Community, which has given me so much enjoyment. My mission is to perpetuate dance in all of its forms, in what every way I can.



Please Note: In accordance with club bylaws, all candidates had the right and opportunity to submit for publishing their biographies and platform statements to help you decide your vote, but it is not demanded of them  The preceding are the statements of those candidates that chose to submit them and did so within the deadline specified by the elections committee    Other candidates also running, but without platform statements are (alphabetically) Karen Capria, Marcia Emmett, Fredereike Moskal, and Leah Noparstak

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