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Everything you need to know about the 2018 election


Elections Committee

The election committee, in accordance with club bylaws, is comprised of the current Vice President, Don Moeller, and two regular members of the club, of which Don appointed Bob Kowal, and Cindy Wilkans.  The elections committee is an independent committee  responsible for running the entire operation of the election process. Consult the club bylaws if you wish detailed information of their duties.  If you have questions or matters related to the elections process contact only the elections committee at the following email address, as they are the only persons committed to protection of voter privacy.



Nominations for the new term of the Swing ‘n’ Country board of Directors closed Monday, March 19, 2018.  The elections committee accepted and announced the following candidates (presented in alphabetical order).

§         Karen Capria — running for member at large (two-year term)

§         Ingrid Dubman — running for member at large (two-year term)

§         Marcia Emmett — running for vice president/president elect (two-year term)

§         Donna Gargiulo — running for secretary (one-year term)

§         Gary LaForte — running for treasurer (two-year term)

§         Fredereike Moskal — running for member at large (two-year term)

§         Leah Noparstak — running for member at large (two-year term)

§         Karen Saunders — running for member at large (two-year term)


In accordance with club bylaws, any member of the Swing ‘n’ Country Dance Club in good standing is eligible to vote.

Ballots - Mailing

The official election ballots were prepared and mailed out (via postal mail) to all members for whom the club had valid mailing addresses on Thursday, March 22, 2018.  Couple memberships (having same address) and related family members with the same address were mailing in the same envelope.

In accordance with club bylaws, the elections committee hand-wrote the voter’s member number on the reverse side of each ballot.

In accordance with club bylaws, a sample of the voting ballot is provided on this web site via the following link.

2018 Election Ballot

Candidate Biographies and Platform Statements

In accordance with club bylaws, all candidates had the right and opportunity to submit for publishing their biographies and platform statements to help you get to know them and to help you decide your vote. Click the following link for the web page with that information.

Candidate Biographies Web page

Ballots Selection & Choices

This election, voters are being given the choice to explicitly choose with definitive Yes or No votes who they want on their board of directors. For that reason, voters are offered the choice to vote a YES or a NO for each of the candidates on the ballot.  Please CIRCLE either the YES or the NO for each candidate on the ballot.  Voters may elect anywhere from four to eight of the candidates to be on the board of directors.  Voters are encouraged to vote YES for at least four (4) of candidates on the ballot.  That is because the club needs at least four new members on the board of directors to meet the seven (7) total required in the bylaws to run the club (three on the board already remain to complete the second year of term).  You may vote YES for anywhere from four to all eight candidates as eight will meet the maximum allowed on the board of directors. 

Voting and Ballot Return

Voters may complete and return only the official ballot received in the mail.  Copies will not be accepted.  Do not cross out or remove your member number on the ballot; it is required for authentication purposes.  Ballots returned without the member number will not be counted.

Voting is open immediately upon receipt of your ballot.  The elections committee with a sealed ballot box will be at the Wednesday, March 28 lesson, the Wednesday, April 4 lesson, and the Friday, April 6 dance.  You may also return your ballot by postal mail to the address provided on your ballot.

The elections committee has declared the close of elections as Friday, April 6, 2018.  Personally handed ballots must be in the ballot box by the end of the April 6 dance.  Mailed ballots, in accordance with the bylaws, must be postmarked by the same date as the close of elections, April 6, 2018.

Proxy voting is prohibited.  Each person must handle and turn in only his or her own ballot.  For mailed ballots, each ballot must be mailed separately and in its own envelope.  There is only one exception: Couple memberships (couples living at the  same address) and related family members at the same address (e.g., mother & daughter) may mail both ballots back in the same envelope.  Likewise, if only one of the couple can make it to the dance or lesson, that person may turn in both ballots of the couple.  The elections committee has a paired member numbers list of ballots that may be turned in together.

Ballot Counting

In accordance with the club bylaws, counting is to begin on the fifth day after the close of elections.  (This gives time for April 6 postmarked ballots to be received).  This counting should therefore commence on April 11 or as soon as possible after. 

Voter Privacy, Confidentiality, and Anonymity

The elections committee is going through significant effort to protect voter privacy and anonymity through the following

1.        All ballots will remain in a sealed ballot box until the day of counting.  Mailed-in ballots will remain sealed in their envelopes and put in the ballot box.  Envelopes will not be opened until the day of counting.

2.        Only the two club members on the committee, who do not have access to the member database, will be involved in the counting process.  No member of the board of directors nor anyone running in the election will be involved.

3.        In accordance with bylaws, the counting process occurs in two phases.  First is validation where the member number is checked off from a list of member numbers only (no names) to ensure only one vote was received for each member number. 
Voters: You may assist in further protection of your privacy by returning your ballot tri-folded with the ballot face folded inward with only the member number on the reverse side showing.
After the validation process, the member numbers will be cut from the ballot and the ballot then returned to the ballot box.

4.        The second phase is the vote counting, which also will be done only by the two club members, and the ballots at this point will have no member identification on them.

Election Results

After the votes are counted, the candidates and current board of directors will be notified first, and the result then announced to the club via the web site, Happenings Newsletter, and by announcement at the Friday, April 20 dance.

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