In 1993 a group of friends including Julie Hein, Howard and Ingrid Dubman, Warren Benes and Cal and Kathy Walker were sitting around a table. Everyone with the exception of Warren was teaching some form of dance at the time. The line dance craze was catching on and it was obvious that there was competition for floor space with those who wanted to do couples style dancing so everyone thought it would be great if there could be a club specifically geared towards those dancers. At about the same time JJ Jackson was coming to town teaching not only his signature dance, Double Two, but introducing the West Coast Swing. It became obvious immediately that it was an up and coming dance among the country community. Consequently it seemed only natural to provide an opportunity for Chicago country dancers to learn and dance the west coast swing. It was from this idea that the name of the club was derived i.e. Swing ‘n’ Country thus including swing dancing along with country in our charter.

Over the past 15 plus years our dances have been held in VFW halls, numerous ballrooms and a park district. Basically we would use any venue that had a dance floor.

Currently the club holds dances on the 1st Friday of the month. Instruction at both the beginner and intermediate levels is offered at each dance prior to an evening of social dancing. In addition to the monthly dances the club offers weekly lessons held on Wednesday evenings. Each month focuses on a particular style of dance and is geared towards the social dancer.

Swing ‘n’ Country also produces a weekend event called Dance Camp Chicago which is usually in held February. It provides a great opportunity to take workshops, meet nationally known instructors and take private lessons, watch some competition plus dance socially until the wee hours of the morning.

Bottom line if you’re in the Chicago area and are looking for a fun place to meet new friends who also enjoy dancing please come and join us at Swing ‘n’ Country.