Swing 'n' Country Mission Statement
Swing 'n' Country is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote couple-style Country Western and Swing dancing in a positive atmosphere and to provide opportunities for growth through instructional programs and community involvement.
Board Meetings
Swing 'n' Country board meetings are open.  Any Swing 'n' Country member is welcome and encouraged to participate.  Voting is, however, limited to board members and club officers.   Specific dates are posted on this web site.  The location varies from meeting to meeting.

If you would like to attend, please email the board at board@swingncountry.net to be advised of the time and location.  If requested an agenda item will be created to address your concern or issue 
Minutes of Board Meetings

Swing 'n' Country Bylaws
The most recent bylaws were approved in June 2009.  The recent changes removed the position of "president emeritis" and added a new "life member" status.  SNC Bylaws.
Board Member and Officer Job Descriptions
Lesson Summary DVD Policy
Students who have paid for a lesson will be permitted to make their own video of that lesson during the instructor video summary at the end of the lesson.  Swing 'n' Country Dance Club may, on occasion, make video summaries of the Wednesday night lessons available to lesson attendees.  A nominal fee to cover the cost of reproducing and mailing these videos will be collected at the time of order.  These videos will be available only to persons paying for all four weeks of lessons.  Videos will be produced only with approval from the instructor.  If an instructor denys approval for these videos, that denial is final.  Swing 'n' Country does not guarantee to make videos of all lessons.  When resources are not available for recording, editing, and reproducing, no video summaries will be made.  These videos are made as a courtesy to our members.  [approved 12/10/2007]

The video summaries are also being made available to persons who have not paid for the full month of lessons.  The price of videos is [approved 4/21/2008]:

Number of paid lessons
Cost of DVD

The difference between the price paid and $5 is given to the instructor. 
Becoming an SNC Disk Jockey
Click here to read the procedure for becoming a DJ for our club.
Event Cancellation Policy and Procedure

Swing 'n' Country events may be cancelled on rare occasions due to severe weather, problems at the venue making it unsafe for an event, or illness. In the event that cancellation is necessary, Swing 'n' Country will attempt to notify customers via the following means:

  • For lessons (not dances) a telephone call and/or email to all class attendees who have provided contact information when they registered.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the Swing 'n' Country e-mail distribution.
  • Notice on the door of the venue if that is possible.

Decisions to cancel an event shall be made by the Emergency Cancellation Committee, whichshall consist of: the Education Committee, the instructor (when a lesson is involved), and the President. The President will make the final decision. Decisions to cancel will be made as soon as it is determined that cancellation is necessary.

The Policy will be communicated via Swing 'n' Country News and the web site. In the event of a cancellation of a lesson, Swing 'n' Country will attempt to schedule a make-up class, however, this is not guaranteed.

Privacy Policy
Swing 'n' Country has a privacy policy that assures that the information you provide to us will not be used for anything but Swing 'n' Country business.
Anonymous Feedback Policy
While Swing 'n' Country Dance Club welcomes both anonymous and signed feedback on most topics, the board of directors will not respond to nor take any action on anonymous feedback that includes personal accusation of any individual.  (approved 8/10/2009)
Lost and Found Policy
Any items left behind after Swing 'n' Country events at the Centre at North Park will be turned in to the office of the Centre.  The club does not keep lost items. 
Minor:  A minor is defined as a person 15 years old or younger with concenting parent or responsible adult.

Student: A student is defined as a person between 16 and 25 years of age (inclusive), with proof of age, who has a student ID (high school, trade school, college, etc.)